Centre for Advancing Practice

Introduction to the Individual Portfolio Route on the Centre for Advancing Practice e-portfolio.

The purpose of this document is to highlight the key sections that you focus on to complete your application. For a more detailed understanding of what you are required to do please refer to the ‘Draft Guidance for Pilot Practitioner’s’ document.

Home Page

When you first log into the site accept the Terms and Conditions. You will then be presented with a Home Page. Please select from the ‘Active Applications/Reports’ section ‘Advanced Practice Application’.  There is the option to select Advanced Practitioner CPD report, but this is not currently required.

There are two other key sections on the home page.

1) The ‘Capability Evidence Matrix’. You can use this to track the evidence that you have linked to different capabilities within the 4 Pillars and your reviewers can then use it to find your evidence. It operates in a similar way to the grids of evidence that are often required at the beginning of paper portfolios. The difference is that all the links to the evidence are electronic which removes the need to search for the evidence. In the Evidence section we explain how the links are made.

2) ‘Contact List’ is where you add the details of anyone who you want to comment on (confirm) your evidence. There is no limit on the number of people on that list.


There are three different types of evidence;

  • Assessed Practice Based Learning
  • Confirmed Evidence
  • Externally Verified Evidence

The rules in relation to each type of evidence are explained on the page.

Whenever you add evidence you need to ‘insert capability reference.’ You can do this in relation to specific sentences; paragraph or the whole section. When you select ‘insert capability reference’ the Capability Evidence Matrix’ will appear. Please select the capabilities that apply to this evidence. Once the evidence record has been saved the Capability Evidence Matrix will automatically be updated.

Some of the evidence must be authenticated by a Peer Reviewer (see section 5.4 of the IPR Guidance for Participants). Once you have created your evidence by selecting the ‘Head’ symbol you can invite one of your Peer Reviewers to confirm that your evidence related to your own professional activity.


If the piece of evidence has been generated by input from others, this needs to be clear, with the nature of your input explained

  • Is an authentic record of your professional activity
  • Is a current record of your professional activity

When you invite a Peer the following box appears. There is a ‘default’ section that appears in relation to each category of evidence, so the peer reviewer is clear what they are being asked to do. You can, if you wish, add your own additional comments e.g. to advise the reviewer what specific area of practice you are asking them to comment on.




If the piece of evidence has been generated by input from others, this needs to be clear, with the nature of your input explained.

 A current record is one that is less than five years old from the date of application.

if it relates to activity of more than five years ago, it needs to be supported by an additional, confirmed explanation of how its currency and relevance has been maintained and demonstrated.


Below is an example of the email that your peer reviewer will receive.


Applications and Reports section

This is the section you use to complete your application.

The details of ‘My Practice’ which can be taken from the Career Details you have added to this section under the ‘General’ tab.

Similarly, you can add ‘My Qualifications’ by selecting the relevant ones from the Qualifications you have added under the ‘General’ tab.

The key section is the Critical Narrative which you will use to summarise why you believe you should be recognised as an ‘Advanced Practitioner’. As you are writing this section you can create links to the Evidence that you believe supports the statements you are making.

By selecting ‘insert evidence reference’ a box of all your evidence in your portfolio is presented to you.

image 1

By selecting some evidence this then adds a link to Evidence in the ‘body’ of the narrative you are writing.